Link between Climate Change and Conflict in Africa Interview - CGTN Africa

By Michael Malonza on 24th May 2018 | News 0 0

Watch John Kioli's Interview on CGTN Africa - Africa Live Show, 22nd May 2018: Link between climate change and conflict in Africa. Pressure on natural resources increases chances of conflict as AU discusses links between Climate Change and Conflict. Increased public awareness is crucial for peace development.

AU sets to promote peace, security by undertaking resilience measures. The African Union's Peace and Security Council has held an open session on the links between climate change and conflict. The body believes far more attention needs to be given to the issue. People across Africa are already battling the effects of climate change on livelihoods, food security and water availability. According to a new World Bank report, climate change across East Africa could see more than 10 million people displaced by 2050.

Watch the Interview below!